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We are a team of three

Austin Lovell

The market has shifted. When Austin first started making videos on his mum's iPhone, social media was only just getting going. Still content dominated the market. Now, we live in different times.

In 2019, Austin started Ophset with a camera and an idea. A vision of video content that connects a-to-b, but also you and me. For Austin, a project is more than the finished cut. It's the process. The initial brief, the on-set laughs, the magic in the editing room, and that time we hit send on the final versions. All of it comes together to make the business what it is today. An eye for the details, but without a wasted second.

Sam Price

Everyone needs a Sam. And we have ours. He is the X factor. From the brief, through to the final product, he keeps everything in check (then double-checks it). With a marketing-mind, and an eye for the shot, he knows what is required and will make it happen.

When he isn't snapping drone shots of beaches on the coast, he is working tirelessly behind-the-scenes to move the brand forward. To Sam, every shot, post and message counts. He knows the brand, and now he wants to know yours.

Cam Liu

Cam has been stitching videos together ever since he first got his hands on a camera. He brings the sizzle to the Ophset team, and will let you know when he got the perfect shot. The new ideas, different angles and smooth transitions make Cam the creator he is. Cam's brief: Make it more than just a video. Your brief: In safe hands.

When he is not on your shoot, he is out on his own, catching sunsets at Second Valley down south. Energetic, fresh and with his finger always on the shutter. Simple, he knows video.

Now you know us. We want to get to know you.